Enjoying Air Travel...

...with a spot of people watching.

Air travel is more accessible and affordable than ever before, and some would consider it a chore, but the glamour and prestige of the Golden Age of air travel remain an enduring symbol of an era when flying was considered the ultimate luxury experience.

Even without the elegance of those early days of commercial travel, I still enjoy taking a flight and wandering around the airport itself. Undoubtedly, some airports have more to offer than others, but all are a source of great inspiration.
You see, I love to people watch, and airports are a great place to do it.
Edie Redmayne, carrying vintage 'Fantastic Beast' style luggage

Watching all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds making their way through the airport is highly entertaining. Whether from the airport lounge (lounge experience can differ greatly from city to city but Barcelona and Malaga impressed) or from the regular bar or café (Dusseldorf a firm favourite), a key part of being able to enjoy this airport experience is to give yourself plenty of time to get through the queues, stress free, ensuring your time spent watching the flow of people will be more enjoyable.

I love to observe what people are wearing, the colours they have chosen, the shoes on their feet, the luggage they are carrying, even the book they are reading - assuming they don’t have their head stuck in a screen.

Tom FordSometimes, if I find myself going through a phase of being bored with my wardrobe, a well-dressed airport passenger, in a simple but crisp blue Oxford and navy trousers, will remind me how good a simple outfit can look…or maybe it is worn with a twist worth remembering to reinvigorate my own sartorial choices. International travel and airports have definitely played a part in my style. I know there are many out there that have a hectic schedule when travelling and won’t have time to stop and look around, but for those who are still searching for a style that suits them, or need a new point of view…an international airport could inspire you to reinvent your look.